You need someone to deal with
even with the smallest control system …

Control systems

Do you need someone to deal with even the smallest control system that can start with basic data collection and end up with robotic workstations in cooperation with other technologies or an operator? We are integrators of many control systems from many world and local manufacturers such as Teco-Foxtrot, Siemens-Simatic, Schneider-Modicon and many others. We provide visualization of production sites and machines according to customer requirements, from basic HMI applications to extensive SCADA visualization, including management reporting and communication with superior systems.

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Within the control systems we offer:

  • ACMS systems including their visualization

  • HMI and SCADA applications

  • Integration of the new part of control systems into existing units

  • Extension of existing machines

  • Manufacture and installation of electrical boxes

  • Remote management and service of PLC devices

  • Professional training